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tv   [untitled]    December 21, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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loaf. you live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how bad the less bad luck i got so. i didn't have my hands at the town i know that i'm seeing the same thing really messed up. in the old story so personally apologize it's. worse you're going through. my house of a. radio guy and four minutes from the hospital i wonder what we're about to give you never seen anything like this i'm still.
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playing days i might be martin unfortunately today could mark the very last episode of breaking the set because you see today may be the very last day here on planet earth that is according to crackpot interpretations of the mayan calendar so and all honor of this i've packed my final show for your doomsday pleasure including a brand new interview with director oliver stone and historian peter present a look at what creepy surveillance we won't have to deal with anymore since the fan of the world and all and then i'll be explaining what the mayans actually meant and why we will all be here come tomorrow so let's break the set. of the total number of good if you've ever seen anything like i'm drunk. so last week i had the great pleasure of having academy award winning director oliver stone and historian peter president on the show they were here to talk about
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their new showtime series and book called the untold history of the united states but the part you didn't see is the discussion we had after that interview in which i got their opinion on obama's policies the current state of play and united states take a look. so it took both of you four years to produce the series and almost almost five. and if you have a chapter called obama management of a wounded and prior were you give a harsh critique of the obama administration what in your eyes has been the most troubling aspects of his presidency all over. well i think that under the disguise of sheep's clothing he's been a wolf. because of the nightmare of the bush presidency that preceded him and people forgave him a lot he was a great hope for change the color of his skin the book bringing in the internationalism the globalism seemed all of it and he's an intelligent man but he has. take in the all the bush changes and he's basically put them into the
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establishment that's what's so weird going into a second administration that is living outside the law and does not respect the laws of foundation of or of our system and he is a constitutional. you know without the law there is the law of the jungle nuremberg existed for a reason there was a reason to have trials as a reason for due process as corpus called the united states. do you agree. totally if you look at his domestic policy he didn't break with the wall street friendly friendly policies the bush administration if you look at his. transparency he claimed to be the transparency president he's running for office there hasn't been transparency we've been actually classify more documents under obama than we did under bush all previous presidents being one thousand seven hundred two thousand eight indicted three people total under the espionage act obama has already indicted six people under the espionage act the surveillance
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hasn't stopped the car suresh ins without putting people to trial have it hasn't stopped so that's positive continued in the war policies and the militarization policies were maintained that we're fighting wars now in yemen and afghanistan which i keeping troops in afghanistan we haven't cut back on the things that we all found so odious of the bush about the bush administration and obama has added some of his own the drone policy obama had more drone attacks in his first eight months than bush had his entire presidency and these are very very dubious international legality and peters were hopeful of a second term that we have would be some more flexibility we hope so there is a system in place that is enormous. the pentagon just. almost seems like you know the cia policy isn't just branded them so it's now acceptable the assassination. the extrajudicial judge jury executioner of people without due
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process it's fascinating i mean we complained during the bush years that bush was actually conducting surveillance without judicial review surveillance obama's killing people targeted assassinations without judicial review that is obviously much more serious silly. and to the history you cover pearl harbor which of course led to the internment of japanese american citizens i don't think a lot of people really acknowledge that once again under reported aspect of really what that meant when you look at the surveillance grid in america today it almost seems like it is an open air internment camp where they don't need to in turn people anymore because we have this great set up in place and you know the guys that the u.s. government now intercepts more than one point seven billion messages a day from american citizens one point seven billion. that's telephone calls other forms of communication can add to that one point seven billion we've got this apparatus set up now with hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people over
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a million people with top security clearances they've created this kind of nightmarish state this is in one nine hundred eighty four kind of state in many ways we say well if i was an iceberg i have a million clearances one million top security tops because you already have you know you know which we are living in a fishbowl and i think the sad part is that kids the younger people except. they're used to say well you know and it's true i mean how can we fall allies and everybody but the truth is that we're all ultimately watching ourselves is that oh well you know. it's may not be oppressive on the surface. but you know horowitz we have to have certain there's no place to hook there's no. really no place to hide some part of us. and it can become oppressive on the surface one of the things we feared after nine eleven it was that if there was a second terrorist attack like nine eleven the constitution would be gone crackdown would be so egregious at that point and there's still this obsessive fear the
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united states fears things we fear the rest of the world we spend as much money on our military security intelligence as the rest of the world combined you know do we have enemies are we really so threatened or we're going to need this anymore is that what our priorities should be and we think not we want to turn that around in this aeration of the rule of law especially you know most notably the national defense authorization act which eradicates due process and our basic fundamental freedom in this country. i want to also bring up another interesting point that really struck me in the film series which was the kamikaze pilots who you know they were brave they were considered it was the bravest act that you could do and then it just i can't help but think of suicide bombers today and you know bill maher he goes out and loses his chauffeur saying these people are brave and you have people like ron paul get out there and talk about blowback as a reality and he's he's ridiculed i mean how do we get here where the discourse is just so time down or we can't even acknowledge obvious truths such as that
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primitive discourse. there's a bit of worship of blind worship of the military and patriotism jingoism that used to be called. you know i strongly believe in a good military and a strong military but to defend our country not to invade other countries and to come try to conquer the world and i think there's a huge difference in this been forgotten morality it was she to take the law always einstein once said famously the country doesn't obey its laws the laws will be disrespected so it seems that we the fundamental morality has been. lost somewhere along the way recently and it's it's who wins it's what's effective can we kill bin laden without having to bring him to trial can we just get it and that get it done mentality justifies the ends and that's where countries go wrong people go wrong all our lives are moral equations because the end justifies the means no you
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never did. the other side of what you're asking is about the constraints upon political discourse in this country why are people so uninformed what we're trying to deal with in the series people don't understand their history then they don't have any vision of the future and what's possible if they think that the now what exists now is tyranny of now is all that is possible and they can dream about the future they can't imagine a future that's different from the present and so i would say people have to understand their past because if you understand the past if you study the past the way we're presenting it then you can envision a future that's actually very very different and we've come very close on many occasions to going a very different direction in the future because we're very close in one thousand nine hundred forty nine hundred forty five to avoiding the atomic bombing and potentially maybe not having the kind of cold war that we had became very close in one thousand fifty three upon stalin's death to ending the cold war we came close in one nine hundred sixty three when kennedy was assassinated and then the war in vietnam and then the cold war if you could very different direction the early
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carter years again was a possibility of a different direction and at the end of the cold war in one thousand nine hundred nine. gorbachev was reaching out to bush did bush take that olive branch that gorbachev was giving him no very much different what do we do instead we applaud the soviets for not invading when countries were liberating themselves from the soviet union and then we immediately go and we invade panama and then we invade iraq and so we're saying that that's great that's great that you show restraint but we're not going to because we're the. as madeleine albright secretary of state under clinton says if the united states use for if we use force it's because we're the united states of america we're the indispensable nation she said we see father and stand taller than other nations that's the attitude that oliver and i are challenging the sense of american exceptionalism united states is the city upon the hill god's gift to humanity if we do it it's right and that's not acceptable it's very early as we go from you know we. we have been the book has been out
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a few weeks the series has been played for the fifth week now and will be ten weeks in all we go to t.v. shows and we sit in these beautiful sets and they're always rushing out rushing the they've got news here they've got news in gaza they've got petraeus they've got obama ok well what are you talking about history you know oh ok well here that's what i have to do it today but ok what's the point so you sit there very patiently it's very bizarre to be honorable you know but you know well honey the past is prologue you know this is all happened before or you're running around or you've been busy your ratings. this is this is history this is all it happened before and if you're smart you'll see it all perhaps more calmly and you won't over react to these situations thing i did states of amnesia or the whole set of them or said we don't understand history and we are doomed to repeat it as we are high handed also argue that the media is driven. by dollars to greet you know when we going back to
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wall street that was you know you have a show and you it's not really a new show because it's really about ratings it's how many people watch it and the only way you can get that going is with a lot of speed a lot of zoom out a lot of fancy sense and people watch and then keep it moving don't think keep it moving as i said and i said do it in the show like this where cassie discuss the issues in a bit of more depth of the more critically and if you're both going to make a film about this generation right now what's one facet that you think is the most under reported or misrepresented. i don't know about the younger generation i have three children i think it's an eternal story to some degree i think people no matter what their fashions there they do have a similar morality and consciousness. patterns reemerge again in the young man the young woman wants to make their way in the world and go about it's not that far off we went through so i see i believe in cyclical history. my
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children are going through what i went through and what my father and mother went through to. look for those first before the superficial. i find my students and i deal with kids that age all the time college students graduate students and they care really passionately about what's going on the world they're all doing lots of volunteer work but i found that this generation unlike oliver and my generation is that they treat the symptoms they're not asking the questions about what's the root cause of all these problems so they care they try to change things to try to form things but it's more superficial what we're challenging them to do is look at the patterns look what's happened from the eighteen nineties all the way through to today look at the consistency of the wars the interventions the military expenditures the paranoia the fear of outsiders the oppression and get at the root what's really causing that what's making the system as a whole sick in certain ways and how can we root out those deeper causes and we understand
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that and begin to change that the occupy movement did some of that different times in the 1930's eight hundred seventy s. and eighty's in one thousand sixty's when people were challenging on that scale we want the country to begin thinking those big questions again what is our past how did we get here what are the possibilities for the future what have we done wrong and what can we get right. yeah i mean are do you think these superficialities in the conventional wisdom that we hear are perpetuated to keep us in a perpetual state of war like the tentacle you know kind of the surveillance apparatus the military industrial complex in order to keep that running is that why these aren't for fifty one you know if you've got the television walls and people on the jets are flying off and nobody even pays any attention i don't know if it's quite so deliberate but part of als and company at fox that seems to be effect dumbing down the population so the point where they can't think critically and then you can pull anything over their eyes they've got a five minute attention span and five minutes memory of what happened in the past
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are saying learn your history study this and think about what the alternatives are think deeply think you tell people they can utopian ways about how different a world could be and how much better it could be if we start to organize it rationally the interests of people not the interests of profit not the interests of wall street now the interests of the military the interests of our common humanity the six billion of us who occupy this planet what an amazing concept to entertain and i hope that we see that in this lifetime it's in bush's series you know. i think i'm hoping that it will go on through. the model of it was the world at war which is made by the b.b.c. in the one nine hundred seventy s. of the world of world war two and this is beautifully done you know like this series which is cut with a lot of care i mean some of these are ten feature films like one hour each with a lot of love. talking to your narration music beautiful music and
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sometimes clips of films that. make our point or don't make our point another way we try to keep it flowing like a good looking young person could enjoy it like a movie i'm glad you did yeah beautiful archival footage as well mixed in with with the cinematic accents it's a really incredible series and thank you so much for your time and your cousin i think you know over stone abbey your terrific thank you so much and feel like you see so far go to our your to challenge you to dot com so i forget to set an subscribe check our facebook page at facebook dot com so breaking the set if you're wondering about what i'm doing when i'm gone there you can follow me on twitter at abby martin so stay tuned to hear about the top five freakiest big brother toys that are surveilling you next.
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who are. who are the early. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero.
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zero zero zero. it is. the only. well guys it's been a long year of data mining surveillance tracking and spine that brother seems to be reared its ugly head around every corner of planet earth as you may noticed on the show i try to give a regular update on the expansion of the third valence state two thousand and twelve the seen an enormous growth of every kind of technology capable of dropping that the government cannot wait to seize and used against you and me so how they go over the top five creepiest elements of the surveillance state joining me now is my own breaking the separatists are men of all rob hi hey great so let's go over the list really quickly. number five buses with surveillance cameras that's kind of the military and it was going on number four i phone app each tracker will go over what
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that means number three are chips number two crazy handcuffs that administer drugs and also contains you and number one magic can that have facial recognition technology wow so let's start with the buses of us surveillance cameras this is something that isn't as surprising i think that just the implications of having surveillance cameras in every bus really just as administer that chilling effect where people are going to of course act different they react differently when they know that there's a camera there absolutely and this isn't something that's going on all over the country but it's one of those things that kind of starts with school systems and i don't think that there's a school system in the. county in the country that isn't at least you know thinking about putting these surveillance cameras in school buses but i think that the larger implications of this is what's scary you know buses are public places just like parks and streets so we're talking about buses and street lights and and and and lamps outside that can listen in on your conversations and watch what you're doing it kind of sets this precedent for this kind of public data mining and we all
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kind of are exposed to it and the fact that we all have cell phones in our pockets we willingly kind of give up all of our privacy and all of our information for this kind of public data mining so that the government can build this like a large digital profile of us. so the lights like you brought up those those lights that are being administered where they can get commands that you and tells and i started here yeah i must talk about the survey on this is something that is really disturbing and can you explain really quickly this one actually i found pretty creepy this is a this is just one example is the the phone tracker which is only fifty dollars you can purchase this essentially what it does you can actually originally developed for parents who are wanting to buy cell phones for their kids keep track of what their kids are up to just kind of track their location if that's not creepy enough but you can turn this around and do it to your spouse do it to your significant other and the app goes completely undetected on a person's phone you get an e-mail that will give you e-mails that they sent from
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their phone s.m.s. text messages that they sent from there anything that they've deleted even the ones that they had a lead on tax that they've added to their phone i mean you have literally a ton of information you can build an entire profile on someone on this app it's only fifty dollars and it's completely legal that is absolutely insane so i mean seriously that's just such a violation of your privacy and your right you could do it to your significant other you could do it to pretty much anything it's terrible yet terrible thing and this is a commercial is this is commercialized that i think this technology is a very you know let's talk about the our if i do chip this is also something that's just kind of bizarre i mean first it first it's tracking your pets what is it going to be next installing chips and babies when they're born i mean we know that they're in school i.d.'s it's just so amazing to me that we were carrying around passports when we traveled licenses i mean everything's that are if i did chips and we just had our phones like you said before i mean we're willingly giving up these tracking devices we're just carrying them around with as the telescreen is our cell
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phone exactly i mean our cell phones our smartphones our today's telescreen if you remember well the an idea i think was with our if i do chips i think luckily with this one it's one of those things that's so costly for school systems. this is kind of a good deterrent from doing it but i mean in coming years this sort of technology is just going to get less and less expensive so it's only a matter of time we might be seeing it next year or in the coming years undoubtedly certain that we're going to start seeing this become kind of a regular occurrence people like you said injecting our pets with these tracking chips it's only a matter of time before we start doing it to our children and our cattle manny let's talk about the taser drugs surveillance handcuffs i couldn't even make this up if i wanted to it's a handcuffs that can administer a drug it can also tase you i mean seriously there it is there it is this is this is an actual patent of these of these handcuffs this. may very well be the handcuffs of the future you can administer a shock there is an accelerometer similar to what you find on your cell phone there
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is bio metrics to see how your health is doing there's a microphone in there or g.p.s. in there and the kicker it can administer drugs right into your bloodstream swiss army knife of him kind of hand you know it's not enough to just detain someone you have to drug that and tase them at the same time i could just picture people just kind of the ground and drug by these handguns doing these days a slash draw. whatever the end of the three monitors we have only a moment of limited time left and i want to go over this is the most disturbing thing ever these mannequins now i mean hi welcome to minority report you know these mannequins absolutely are very very creepy they're developed by company called. and what they do and you can see them there right on the camera got facial recognition software built right into the eye can determine a person's age and race they're actually currently developing audio software so that you can actually you know determine certain key words while you're in the store and it's exactly like you said it's like minority report that scene where tom
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cruise's character is walking through the mall getting pitched all these ads based on a happened exactly every like that you make on facebook every time that you track yourself and it's not just like the i. thems that you encounter online when you know if you search for something more than something else and you get those ads of course this is going to be a real time of real life walking around department stores these mannequins are going to be tracking you also just recording what you are talking to you with their friend i want to buy the shirt i might want to go on this trip and they sell those things to you it's just unbelievable any you know i completely completely agree the thing that worries me is when you apply this sort of technology to the public sphere and you have facial recognition cameras that are very easily hidden in a place like a tree at a party that has audio software that can you know pick out key words we're already seeing the sort of technology in effect in our social media when your own tears are no hiding it anymore unfortunately out of time thank you so much for coming on a really creepy brothers and you always thanks man and thanks andy.
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i. i. so if you have been living with your head under a rock for the last decade that i'm sure you've heard the hysteria being repeated ad nauseum about the impending doom that some of. you yesterday you december twenty first two thousand and twelve the dust day on earth. there is a lot of talk about the end of the world coming according to the mayan calendar nostradamus and doomsday predictors that day is soon december twenty first this all stems from the mayan calendar and the date december twenty first which marks the end of a three hundred forty nine year mind cycle and conspiracy say that celestial disaster will then happen it is the stuff of scripture disaster films and a catchy r.e.m. duty the end of the world as we know it all the whole story about today being the end of the world has come out of
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a twisted interpretation of the mayan long count calendar which and that cycle today operative word here cycle so the mayans were an amazingly advanced culture their works impressively adept in subjects like language agriculture and mathematics minds and such a profound understanding of the natural world all round them they developed a number of calendars that correlated with celestial event they mapped out a historical record but also provided accurate predictions of the future based on astronomy like the western gregorian calendar the mayans long count calendar was based on cycles and today is nothing more than the end of a cycle it's not the end of the world so we all just chill now in fact descendants of the mayan central american southern mexico have just about had it with all the hype and are speaking out against the exploitation of their culture their anger directed not only to the mindless humans who choose to believe this crazy theory but also to their own governments for perpetuating the myth and allowing the tourism industry in the region to profit from the misrepresentation of the remnant
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. of their sacred heritage yet millions of people will undoubtedly be making this ridiculous pilgrimage their water all of this weekend and we'll see them on monday no doubt in debt and still alive pick and it's really a shame though that the true meaning of what the mayan calendar represents is missed and it's been replaced by a bandwagon of fear mongering paranoia and doomsday consumerism so let's set the record straight to the leader of the maya alliance at the end of the mayan cycle simply means there will be a big changes on the personal family and community level so that there is harmony and balance between mankind and nature and i think the mayans were right once again there is something brewing in the collective consciousness of the global community it's a new era of the light meant we have information at our fingertips and with the new age of technological advancement we have the ability to completely break out of these old school political and religious paradigms that have stunted humanity's evolution for centuries now's the time to my hands knew that the question is
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do you see in two thousand and thirteen. the news today is once again. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operations rule the day. the bolduan thanks slaves technology innovation
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all the list of elements from around russia we've gone to the huge earth covered. the lead. the wrong move.


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